Modern problems require modern solutions. As we familiarise ourselves in an environment with air pollution, contaminated water, unwanted chemicals found in our food to even skincare, it’s no wonder why we’re starting to suffer some consequences — starting with the surface of our skin. Learn how CBD-infused skincare can help combat these unavoidable issues.


In continuation of the series, we explore our skin: the largest organ of our body and motive behind a monumental skincare market, with a projected worth of up to $189.3 billion by 2025. Some of us are said to be blessed with ‘good genes’ when it comes to skin, but not all of us are immune to the detrimental effects that come with living in an urban environment. If you live in a city, chances are you’ve been exposed to the many environmental stressors, air pollution, blue light and other factors that won’t sound unheard of to you. 


These urban ‘triggers’ are also harmful to our skin, leading to issues like: 


It might not matter how much you spend on skincare, or how elaborate your routine might be, when all of the said issues are in fact, also linked to typical skincare use in these recent times. Although skincare with wary ingredients — another topic completely —  can and should be avoided, we can’t avoid environmental aggressors (unless you decide to relocate away from all civilisation entirely). 


92% of people live in a city that fails to comply with WHO standards. 


Air pollution is thus, one of our biggest enemies in not only the air we breathe, but also due to the harmful interactions they have with our precious skin. It causes oxidative stress which may contribute to complications we know as rosacea, acne, dryness, visible irritations (e.g. redness) — all of which are skin sensitivities. We’re all blessed with a natural antioxidant network, helping us to decompose all the free radicals in our air that assault and further sensitise our skin. Being the outermost and most important organ for counteracting free radicals, our skin is constantly in touch with air pollution — hence without protection and maintenance — our antioxidant network will only decrease in ability overtime. As the free radicals continue to harm our skin, this decreased ability will hence no longer be able to rejuvenate or fully reverse the damage. 


If we can’t avoid air pollution and all the other urban enemies out there, how do we equip our skin’s defence and offence? 


Maintenance is therefore absolutely necessary. The way we should pick and choose our skincare is subject to its needs, and in the case of reinforcing our antioxidative skin abilities, CBD might be worth exploring as a topical use. 


Effectively fighting free radicals, CBD is a naturally anti-oxidative ingredient, helping to interrupt its harmful accumulation, or transforming free radicals from environmental pollution. This generates a defensive barrier that retains itself over time. Paired with its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD as a skincare ingredient can benefit in decreasing excess sebum production, which supports acne management and oil control. Even better yet, CBD is an inclusive ingredient compatible across all skin types, from oily, dry to combination: a versatile and skin-friendly option. 


Along with our antioxidative network, we also have a natural endocannabinoid system that recognises CBD; these then bind to their receptors so that the ingredient can do its job properly. Essentially, CBD-infused skincare is personalisation at its best. Your endocannabinoids send the right signals to your skin to complete the right task: whether that’s prevention of transepidermal water loss (TEWL), repair of the skin barrier function, or anti-aging effects — CBD is an all-encompassing solution that treats all these areas.


If you’re someone new to CBD, topical use like skincare might be a great start. To conveniently integrate into your routine, we suggest trying our Restore or Repair Face Cream containing broad spectrum CBD, allowing you to reap all the benefits of different cannabinoids for maximum optimisation. Perfect for a gift or a self-care moment, our Hemptation Facial Mask is an effective alternative that is fast-acting, quickly delivering all the CBD benefits while the sheet mask seals it all in.


If your current skincare regimen just isn’t working for you, the fault may lie in the formulated ingredients — instead, why not try out CBD to help address your skin concerns for a change?