Naturally, we’re always seeking ways to remedy our lifestyle for productivity, relaxation and pain relief. As we begin to deepen our understanding of CBD, why should you incorporate this into your routine? 

Whether life in the pandemic-riddled 2021 turned out to be an unexpected fantasy, or pure, utter wreckage, one thing’s for sure: times are rough. We live in a hustle culture where stress aggressors can lead to spiralling mental health, and later, issues like skin issues like acne or insomnia down the road. Although we may not be able to change the ‘rise and grind’ hustle lifestyle, instead, we find ourselves trying to seek out other coping methods. 

Caffeine is one of the most overused coping methods in the world. How many of you are addicted to caffeine? Be honest. You wake up, and the first thing you look forward to is a freshly brewed cuppa. Although caffeine has been associated with lots of positive benefits as an antioxidant, it is the most widely used drug worldwide. We seek caffeine for productivity, but like everything, caffeine has a downside. Overuse can lead to withdrawals, intoxication and other disorders that affect everything from attention span and sleep. More than 90% of adults in the US rely on caffeine everyday for productivity

On the other hand, CBD might be a remedy that might be more rewarding than you think. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. Stress

    Research has suggested that CBD relieves stress and anxiety by counteracting the brain damage that causes chronic stress. To understand this, we have to get to know our serotonin levels: this is a crucial hormone that helps stabilise our mood, well-being and happiness. If these hormones are well-balanced, we are naturally able to carry out daily activities like sleeping and eating with a better state of mind. Brain scans have revealed how CBD works to influence our CB1 and CB2 receptors which alters our serotonin levels, acting as a catalyst for healthier well-being. 


  2. Mood

    When we talk about our mood, we typically mean our state of mind, or the alleviation of negative symptoms from depression or anxiety. Those who suffer depression are likely to have lower serotonin levels, and therefore imbalanced hormones. Since 2014, CBD has found to exhibit antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects that have a positive effect on our serotonin levels. This means CBD can be a great alternative to long-term medication, one that doesn’t require long-term commitment, whilst still generating a fast and sustained effect. It’s normal for our mood to shift throughout the day, and CBD ingestibles can be used daily while giving you the ability to conveniently dose yourself, little by little. 

  3. Rejuvenation

    Although CBD is great for leveraging relaxation, it’s also great for harnessing energy and focus. Fatigue and lack of concentration can often be grounded from symptoms of anxiety or poor sleep quality, and CBD alleviates both aspects by promoting relaxation and restful sleep. This ensures that your self-care habits are optimised at full potential, for the best levels of productivity possible. C-Hemp’s Unwind is formulated with melatonin to solve all your sleep-related problems, while enhancing wakeful clarity in the morning, leaving you as rejuvenated as possible for the rest of the day. 


  4. Wellness

    If you workout, suffer from conditions like arthritis or have abnormal bowel movement, CBD might be a solution for treating your symptoms. CBD is a natural source of anti-inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties help address a number of issues and trickier organs such as our gut and skin. Similar conditions like swelling, blood clots and pain are all inflammation-related problems. Recent research has shown how CBD can reduce inflammation by affecting molecules such as cytokines, which initiates our bodily inflammatory response


  5. Relief

    Finally, CBD has analgesic properties that help mitigate pain rooted from a number of different conditions. Despite the vast availability of pain-relieving substances out there, the World Health Organisation (WHO) claims that CBD poses no potential for addiction or abuse. In recent times, CBD has also been introduced as an alternative for more risky pain-relievers such as opioids for the protection of public health. The first FDA-approved CBD drug, Epidolex, is prescribed for treating epilepsy. Choose the right formula for you, whether it’s Unwind or Relax, for the best level of relief you need. Packaged in a precise dropper, dose with ease knowing that you’ll be consuming just enough. 


Besides from five reasons alone, CBD has demonstrated to have incredibly positive effects seen in skincare, cancer treatment and even heart health properties. As research popularizes the use of CBD and more evidence for its benefits emerge, we can then learn to shift our mindset in a movement towards everyday CBD use. Global organisations such as theEU’s highest court andWHO have since declared CBD as “not a narcotic” nor an addictive substance. Give CBD a fair shot; it may just replace your notoriously favourite drug — caffeine — or go brilliantly hand-in-hand.