Whether you’re new or all too familiar with CBD, there are more ways to explore the delivery of its benefits than you know. Find the best way to integrate CBD into your routine to optimise its performance, to suit your own personal needs. 


It’s 2021, and there’s a ton of different CBD options out there in the market. Infused in our skincare, food, coffee, supplements, and more, we’re moving to a place where CBD is becoming more budget-friendly and readily available. Whether you smoke it, apply it on your skin or take a few drops orally-the different ways you can reap the benefits of CBD varies too. So which way is the best way for you?


In this article, we compare ingestibles versus topical application. In doing so, we measure this against factors such as ease of use, potency, purpose and of course, affordability. 




When it comes to anything ‘ingestible’, oil tinctures are arguably the most convenient and effective way to deliver the benefits of CBD. Typically in dropper form, oral CBD scores high in convenience: a few drops held under the tongue does the trick! Packaged in a small bottle, it’s also easily portable for use on-the-go. 


Potency speaking, it all comes down to bioavailability: the concentration of CBD that actually takes effect in your system. Despite oil tinctures recording lower rates of bio-absorption (up to 20%), as opposed to vaping, which records some of the highest bioavailability rates of around 30%-oils fare better in terms of duration of potency, known as ‘mean residence time’. This refers to how long the cannabinoid linger in your bloodstream. Simply put, oils will take longer to penetrate the endocannabinoid system, whilst it has a much more sustainable duration of at least a few hours- as opposed to vaping, which lingers in the body for a much shorter period of time. 


Depending on your reason for using CBD, ingestibles tend to be best for promoting sleep, relaxation, alleviating chronic pain, anxiety reduction, amongst other benefits. Oils often have the highest dosages available in the market too, ranging in the thousands of milligrams-ideal if you need higher concentrations to address more serious complications. 


Since the concentration of CBD is relatively high in oils and tinctures, prices are naturally higher too. If you’re looking to splurge on a high-performing, easy to use and effective CBD product, try our UNWIND or RELAX formula: a gentle, yet potent, straightforward solution for sleep, relaxation, and pain alleviation. 




Topically applied CBD can come in many forms from lotions, salves to balms, and serve different purposes such as skincare benefits or joint relaxation. Also easy to use and almost as discreet as ingestible oils, topical CBD differs slightly from ingestibles in the way it delivers the benefits of CBD. To start, external applications are comparably more manageable and lower on the commitment scale, especially for any first time users feeling intimidated by CBD. Use can also be built up to the right amount, easy to control and never too daunting!


Topical CBD has a reasonable biosorption rate especially in its ability to pass our digestive and organ tracts to address chronic and acute pain, skin disorders as well as inflammatory skin diseases. Highly recommended for anti-aging, inflammation and itchiness, the product variety for topical use can also be incredibly diverse and inclusive for all skin types


With the wide range of CBD skin care available, it can be hard to find something that works for you. At C-Hemp, we offer face creams and body lotions in different formulations for a more holistic and customised approach: try our CALM or REFRESH body lotions for something easily integratable in your routine. Body skincare is often overlooked; don’t let it spiral to long-term problems that’ll become hardly manageable down the road! 


With that in mind, topical CBD has proven to be effective to address sleep-related issues too. A testimonial from one of our CALM body lotion users described a significant improvement in restfulness, as someone who lives an active lifestyle both in and out of work: 


“I was amazed at what my OURA ring data showed when I applied C-Hemp's CBD cream before bed. This seemed to improve the quality of my sleep, notably my deep restorative sleep, as well as the quantity without any groggy feelings in the morning. Makes my long days on my feet and hard workouts much more manageable. I'll be using this for the long term especially on those more stressful weeks. Thanks!”


CBD as an ingestible or topical use varies in effectiveness, depending on your individual problems and needs. To compare, ingestible CBD is often used to address chronic problems such as insomnia or pain, hence the higher concentrations and direct absorption into the bloodstream. Topical use tends to treat more skincare or external-related situations, such as acne or joint pain. Whether you choose to try ingesting or topically applying CBD, there’s something out there for everyone! Find out more: /URL/